Friday, December 28, 2007

Back again...

Gee, I think I jinxed myself when I mentioned posting 'three days in a row'! LOL Well, I'm back to blogging, prodded by Kim's message this morning about quilting resolutions. But I'll get to that in just a bit...

As I last blogged, I was working on a mini tree skirt for an exchange with my online Thimbleberries group. I FINALLY got it finished and mailed it off to Kairle :) You can see her post about it here. And I received my own wonderful mini wall hanging from my friend Nancy E.! I specifically asked that there NOT be a hole cut into it. The pattern is called Timber Trees and appears in the Thimbleberries Beginner's Luck book. Would you believe that she matched most of the fabrics as they were in the book - and that those she substituted were VINTAGE fabrics :) She even QUILTED it the same way - I couldn't have asked for more! Nancy also sent three snowman ornaments (two of them handmade) and some wonderful smelling teabags. Here's a photo:

Now that Christmas is over and 'life' has calmed down a bit, it's time to quilt again! Kim has asked about New Year's Quilting Resolutions - and I've added my list to my sidebar. I know, I know... more than forty quilts is A LOT to ask for - but I'd be happy to tackle just some of these! I'm hoping to do them in the order listed, and would LOVE to finish one top per week. (Ha!)

I've also started to save my pennies (literally!) for a home machine quilting system - with a Hinterberg frame, Voyager quilting machine and stitch regulator. My friend Patty has this same setup, and has offered to let me go for a test drive. I just need some plane tickets and a long holiday weekend :)

My other New Year's Resolution is to blog AT LEAST once a week, and update my progress on 'the list'. Thanks for visiting - even when there was nothing new to read. :)