Friday, February 15, 2008

Welcoming Beth to Blogland!

Please say hello to Beth, who just posted her first entry on her blog yesterday! We actually 'met' online a few months ago when she asked me some questions about my blog and how it was setup, and then we MET (in person) out in Minnesota at the retreat last September! I checked through my photos and found this one with Beth at Mr. Halloween's Party, held in the Thimbleberries studio. She's the one on the left side in the back of the picture wearing the cute black and gold apron. Welcome Beth!

I haven't been able to get much sewing done at all - just some piecing on the TB Club first quarter project Lakeland Pines. I have all of the blocks sewn and just need to assemble them into the finished top. Hopefully I can post that soon. My next club meeting is Tuesday morning, and I may just camp out there all day and sew. Don't worry - I'm allowed ;) It's Sit, Stitch and Grumble day (aka Stitch and *itch) and for $10 I can work on my projects with NO interruptions. The kids have vacation next week (all week long) but I could take them for a visit to my MIL's home on Tuesday, right? Let's see how much I can get done then!