Tuesday, April 16, 2013


In anticipation of Judy's UFO day, I checked my lists and found that I have a total of 29 partly done quilt tops. This is NOT including ones that I've already sewn into tops that are waiting (patiently) to be quilted. Seeing the list - especially the ones that just need borders - is making me kick myself in the butt and vow to get cracking on these projects. Here they are in alphabetical order, with a little note about the progress:

A Patch of Pumpkins - This quilt is from the TB Guide to Weekend Quilters. I could not find the original cream fabric for the fence nor the gold inner border fabric, but sewed it together anyway. Of course, I found the gold later on - which reinforced my commitment to wait to make a quilt until I've acquired all the correct fabrics. The top is pieced with those two substitutions, and still needs the applique pumpkins and leaves.

Autumn Memories - I originally saw this quilt in Lynette Jensen's home during a retreat tour and found all of the correct fabrics for the outside border (Daisy Days olive green plaid - RJR 4077-02). I thought that this Sugar House fabric was the right one and sewed it on, but I won't quilt it until I find the Daisy Days fabric...

Buttermint Patches - I saw this quilt at a TB Retreat. It had appliqued prints from the Autumn Fare line all over it. I have the center all sewn, but I think I'll just add the borders and be done with it.

Christmas Goose - My son Logan requested this pattern for his own TV watching quilt. I'm making it out of my stash. The strips of flying geese are all assembled. I just need to add rows of sashing between each geese strip, borders, and then it's ready to go.

Christmas Patches Table Cloth - Here is another one that I first saw at a retreat in 2003. I already had most of the fabrics in my stash, but some of them were smaller quantities. I shrunk the pattern a bit, began assembly and ran out of steam.

Fall Folk Art - This quilt was a class project at a retreat. I didn't do much sewing on it at the retreat, and it has stayed in that condition since I brought it home.

Garden Fare - Another TB Club project. This one is the summer one from 2003. It just needs five plain borders... What am I waiting for???

Holiday Stars - I started this one when I first started quilting in the late 90s. My 1/4" piecing skills were atrocious, so I bagged up this project and tucked it far in the back of my dresser drawer.

Hometown Christmas - I absolutely LOVE this quilt. I have all of the block sections completed and have pieced and cut the strips for the border. I still need to assemble the sashing and borders and applique all of the stars, holly, and berries. I could leave them off, but I like the look of the quilt better with them.

House and Garden - This was the big quilt for TB Club 2007. I've pieced a few of the blocks but have not made much progress otherwise. The colors aren't my typical TB colors and I've lost interest in this one.

Lodge Quilt - On the other hand, I still want to complete this big quilt from TB Club 2008 - but modify it just a bit. I have already pieced the tree blocks and want to repeat one block in each of the points of the center, instead of the original pattern's sampler style.

Log Cabin - I won the blocks to this quilt on eBay, along with a bunch of other fabrics. I assembled them in a barn raising style and purchased matching border fabric but haven't gone any farther.

March Quilt from Club 2004 - I cut this one out and have sewn the HSTs, but that's it.

My Friend's House - My online Thimbleberries group held a swap many years ago using this house block. Each member signed their name in the window section of the house. To finish this quilt, I need to make some sawtooth stars and add borders.

Party Mix - I worked on this one in the past year, and assembled all the blocks. It just needs two skinny borders and one thicker one. I could finish this one in an afternoon...

Pine Star Runners - I saw these in the TB Classic Country book on Lynette's table and wanted to make a set for mine. One is mostly done (just needs a border) and the other needs a bit more piecing.

Pint Size Goose Chase Tree Skirt - A few years back, my online TB group had a swap of mini tree skirts. I made one for my friend Kairle and blogged about it here. I worked on one for me at the same time, but never put on the final borders. It would take just an hour or so to finish. So why haven't I???

Pint Size Reindeer Trail - All the piecing is finished on this one. I'm trying out my machine buttonholing on the appliques, and have some stars and part of a reindeer done. Still need to finish the rest of the applique.

Pint Size Thimbleberries Village - This top WAS done - until I was unsatisfied with the waviness of the borders, so I ripped them off. Need to redo them...

Quilter's Garden Collection - A quilt shop nearby had a discounted kit for this pattern that uses the Quilter's Garden faux applique blocks. I assembled the blocks, sashing and cornerstones and just need to add a border or two.

Shades Apart - This quilt is made with 63 9" courthouse steps blocks. All of the blocks were assembled at a quilt retreat I attended in Kansas City a few years back. The top is done - just needs two borders. Do you see a recurring theme here?

Snowflake Blocks - My online TB group did a swap with these blocks as well. The pattern is in the Cottage Comfort book by Landauer. I still haven't decided how to arrange and set them...

Star Swag Runner - Again, I needed to make a swap item for my online group so I made two of the same pattern: one for my secret sister Eileen and one for me. My secret sister received hers, but mine still needs all of the applique.

Sunrise - This is the TB Club 2005 quilt for the first half of the year. I worked on the first block while my daughter was spending her 10th birthday at home with the chicken pox. Eight years later and it just needs two borders.

Sunset - Here's the TB Club 2005 quilt for the second half of the year. I have most of the blocks sewn but still need to piece a few and add borders.

Thimbleberries Month by Month - this is Lynette's first Block of the Month that I've committed to finishing this year. All of the blocks are already cut for both a regular size and pint size version. The first three blocks are completed and are shown in the previous post. Here are the rest of them.

Thimbleberries Sampler - This is a project that took a while to find all of the exact fabrics. They are all cut and labeled by block.

Timberline - I won an eBay auction of quilt scraps and this partially done top was included. The triangle geese around the outside will be the roofs of houses, and there will be a tree between each house. I already found more of the background fabric, and the rest will come out of my stash.

Vintage Stitches - Another TB Club Quilt. This one is from 2006. I have a few blocks done but that's as far as I've gotten.

Then there are the ones I can't find to photograph, like Autumn Night, the February Runner from Quilt Club 2004, Snow Dazzle, and Split Oak Leaf Pillows. This list also does not include kits that I've cut out but haven't begun sewing (Picnic Stars Runner, PS Pumpkin House, and Sugar Bear Pumpkins).

Okay, Judy: now that I've listed them all, will you send some elves to finish them up for me overnight? LOL


Anonymous said...

Oh, gosh, you have some pretty tops and projects there! I can hardly wait to see Hometown Christmas put together, so I hope it's high on the list. =) What I can see of it is SO appealing to me. I really like Autumn Memories, too. If you had the follow by e-mail widget on your sidebar, I'd follow you. =)

Jill said...

Wow, you'll be busy for a long time! I guess adding borders isn't your favorite part of quilt-making :)Have fun!

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

I love seeing all of your Thimbleberries projects... I have a couple on my list too and also a few on my Make Someday List!

Quiltsmiles said...

Kristie, you've been busy and many are so close to getting to the borders ,layer and quilt stage. So close!
Once you set your mind to it, each will get done. Thanks for the reminder too, I have several thimbleberry projects in the PIGs and PITs stages that I hope to get to.

Mary Lou Casada said...

Hi! I recently bought the first Thimbleberries Block by Block from 1998 on ebay! I have months Feb, March, and May-Nov. I wondered if I could borrow from you the January, April and December patterns? Pretty sure I have the original fabrics in my stash. I'm also interested in how you "pint-sized" your Thimbleberries Village!! :-) I made the full size version, but would love a pint-size! I also have all my rows of Hometown Christmas done! LOL I just loved reading about your projects!!
Mary Lou